How to install Block Flash

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Introduction to Block Flash:

Block flash is a material that is used in construction to improve the life of buildings, walls, doors, windows, etc. This is a special type of block made of a special material to stop water damage to buildings. Installing the block flash is best solution for controlling moisture within exterior  in CMU walls; it helps us drain the water from its pans It was specially designed to absorb water and drain it out to managing moisture its drainage mesh provide hundreds of clear holes for water to flow in mortar dropping in the block so it can be collected by flashing pans 

Block flash material:

It’s made by High-density polypropylene with connector bridges 

block flash

Uses of block flash:

It is used in block walls for the safety of the door and window because, from above, the door or window is dangerous because moisture can be stored in the joints of block walls and damage your wood paint. You know very well that the land around buildings has moisture because the lower layer of the earth has water. This water gives your ground moisture and then your block walls and this water is harmful for your building’s life because it may damage your project and make it weak You can save your building by embedding the Block flash drain system in your building walls 

Features of the Flashing Block:

  • Drain out spout and connector bridge made by High-density polypropylene
  • Sloped pans with edges catch the water and drain it out of spouts 
  • Drip spouts have 45 degree edge in pan to keep the moisture away from wall
  • Each block flash connects with the others to make this process fast
  • Connectors bridge allow easy and fast installation at edges 
  • It is available in  6” 8” 10” 12” units
  • In the factory, 90% of insects are kept out of the block cells

Benefits of embedding:

  • Lightweight material so Easy and quick to install
  • No additional components required for complete installation
  • It is applicable for all type of CMU block walls
  • Material and labor cost are less than 50% of other
  • Available in all different sizes 
  • It save you money in that you need to repair blocks due to moisture 
  • It protect your building from moisture damage
  • It increases the life of building
  • It provide many  pathways for water to drain out  to the flashing pan
  • It protect your walls from insects that occur due to moisture
  • It increase the strength of wall
  • Easy to shipping, installation, handling, and storage due to lightweight 
  • Almost recyclable material 

Installation Process of Block Flash:

  • Make a map of building 
  • Clean the surface of land from where you can start to construct wall
  • Place each block of flash above the block wall
  • Then place bridge connectors in row for accurate water flow
  • Spread mortar over the inner and outer parts of the block.
  • Joint all edges and seal
  • Last, remove any extra material that disturbs draining 


If you want to to save the cost of repairing you building again and again due to moisture and make your building have long life and good strength and don’t want to face the issues of moisture and wetting walls, then install block flash pans project in your UMC Block walls to protect your building walls from moisture damage It pretend your walls from water damage; it was actually in the block before window or other material to protect it from water You know  very well that this is very common issue in construction of buildings To avoid this issue,  you need to complete installation of block flash in your entire block wall 

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