How long does it take for the rose to charge?

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The “rose toy” is a sexual toy that has gained popularity on TikTok. It is almost a clitoral vibrator shaped like a rose bulb, with silicone petals and a hole that wraps around your clitoris in the center. Rose toy is different in the intimate toy market because of its unique look and powerful functionality. However, it has to be properly charged for the best performance, just like any other electrical item. There are a few things you should know before you enter the world of sexuality and flowers. We’ll look at how long it takes to charge the Rose Toy in this post so you can play in pleasure whenever the mood strikes.

How long does the rose toy take to charge?

The rose vibrator is small, therefore it normally only takes 60 minutes to charge completely. However, the motor and battery capacity of different rose toys vary from different to different, some may only need 30 mins to be fully charged, but others may take 2 hours.

How to charge the rose:

Your rose toy arrives a few days after you complete your online transaction. but you’re unable to find out “how to charge the rose toy”. for such question the article will give you a specific guide about charging. there are two ways to charge your rose toy.

Magnetic base USB charging:

A more recent technology that makes use of magnetic attraction to ensure a smooth connection between the charger and the toy is called magnetic base USB charging.

Magnetic USB charging:

 Without requiring a separate base, magnetic USB charging is similar to base charging. The toy and charger are immediately connected.

 Pin USB Charging:

A standard method that involves inserting a charger pin into the toy’s charging port.

A step-by-step guide to charging rose:

Magnetic base USB charging:

Set the rose toy on its base for charging. The rose toy’s body needs to be rotated and adjusted, and the two bottom charging pins must link up with the pins on the circular charging base. Attach the USB end to a computer or power adapter. Check that the rose toy is charging by observing the indicator blinking. To completely charge, it takes approximately sixty minutes.

Magnetic USB charging:

The charging port is usually designed towards the body of the rose. Bring the magnetic end of the charger close to the toy’s charging point. When you are close, the pins will connect to the rose. In general, a USB can be connected to any standard charger.

Pin USB Charging:

Simply insert the pin end into the charging port of the toy. You may charge it by just inserting the charging wire into the device.

Why is my rose vibration not charging?

  • Verify that the pins on the rose vibrator are attached to the pins on the magnetic charging base. If not, make sure they are securely connected by adjusting the rose toy.
  • The indicator light is going to flash to show that the device is charging when the charging base and rose vibrator are making excellent contact; if it does not, please check to see if there is any dust on the metal pins. Wipe with an alcohol pad or suede before reconnecting.
  • You should think about getting a new charging cable if the indication light does not respond even after cleaning. The charging cable may be broken. cable.
  • After replacing a new charging cable, if the rose device still doesn’t work, then you need to send the rose toy back to the seller.Even if the rose clitoral stimulator is quite durable, we cannot guarantee that every rose toy motor and battery is perfect.

How to charge the rose toy without charger?

Usually, there will be a charging cable in the package when you buy a rose toy. However, you may purchase an alternative magnetic cable online if you lost the original and don’t have another one. However, you may also create a new charger on your own. This is an alternative method.

To start with, collect the necessary materials: two small magnets, an extra charging cable, a pinch plier, scissors, and shrink tubing.

How to make a magnetic charging cable?

  • Using pliers, cut the charging wire around the point where it connects to the device and remove the skin.
  • Strip the wires to expose the anode and cathode copper tubes and cut two pieces of shrink tubing to cover them over the copper wires.
  • Put the prepared two magnets on the shrink tube respectively and fix the position with adhesive tape.
  • So, a simple magnetic USB charger is done!


The Rose Toy is a great addition to your collection due to its many features, long battery life, safe materials, fast charging time and additional settings. The benefits and portability ensure that your private time ends with peace of mind and satisfaction. Remember that a toy that is always available to you starts with understanding how important its features and charging time are.

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