How much does it cost to drill a bowling ball?

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drill a bowling ball

The cost to drill a bowling ball may be different at a bowling shop. but the average cost is from $20 to $50+.Having a unique bowling ball may significantly improve an individual’s performance. By drilling, you can fit your ball and get a better grip. In this guide, we’ll explore the factors that can affect drilling costs.

What is bowling ball drilling?

According to common opinion, bowling balls really don’t have holes in them. If you order a ball online or go to your local pro shops, you’ll usually find that the balls come without holes. Drilling is a unique procedure made to fit the bowler’s hand and style of play. The drilling process involves creating finger and thumb holes in the ball, ensuring a comfortable and secure grip for optimal performance.

Understanding the Importance of Custom Drilling:

It’s critical to understand the benefits of custom drilling before discussing expenses. The way a ball is drilled has an impact on your play quality as well as comfort. A properly fitting ball can improve grip, reduce the risk of injury, and affect the rotation, angle, and power of every throw. Hence, for many people, customized drilling is not just a luxury but also a need.

Factors Affecting the Cost to Drill a Bowling Ball:

Many factors can affect the cost of drilling a ball. We discuss the factors in detail.

Types of Drilling:

The type of drilling you choose for your bowling ball can also affect the cost. The cost may differ based on the type of drilling required. basic drilling minimizes the cost, If you want your ball drilled to your unique hand measurements or want a particular type of hole, you will need to pay extra.

The Number of Holes:

The number of holes can affect the cost. if you’re just looking for the three-finger holes, you’ll pay less than you would if you need additional holes drilled.

Location of shop:

The location of the shop will also play a role in how much you’ll pay. Their prices may vary based on location and quality of service. If you are going local pro shop is in a big city or expensive area, you can expect to pay more than someone who lives in a small town.

Material used:

The type of drilling equipment and materials used can also affect the cost of drilling, such as drill bits and measuring tools, and can also increase the overall cost.

Driller experience:

Experienced drillers who understand the details of bowling ball dynamics and player preferences can charge higher fees for their skills than novice drillers.

Additional Services That May Be Offered:

Bowling pro shops frequently upcharge since they usually offer many services for extra costs.
Apart from drilling your bowling ball, multiple pro shops could provide other services, such as the ones listed below:


 When you take your ball into the shop for drilling, the pro shop can offer to resurface the ball to keep the surface free of dirt and keep the ball performing at its best.


 You may need to polish your ball to make it shiny and overall smoother. Polishing can affect cost.


For an additional fee, pro shops may offer to clean the ball for you.

Why People Get Their Bowling Balls Drilled:

You can decide if you need to get your bowling ball drilled by understanding why people get their balls drilled.

Improve bowling scores

If you have proper grip and hole placement, you can improve your accuracy and control. This is a common cause of their ball holes.

Change the Ball’s Reaction

If you are unhappy with your ball’s performance or a weight distribution change, you can drill holes. Adding extra holes to your ball can also change how the ball behaves on the lane.

Lighten Up the Ball

If your ball is too heavy, a new hole punch may help. you can reduce 5 ounce pound weight through a drilling hole. People can solve this problem by drilling a new hole.

Enhance Comfort

Hand discomfort might seriously harm your bowling game. Drilling the ball to suit your hand will increase your comfort and enjoyment while playing.

Why Not Go Cheap?

Drilling incorrectly can cause discomfort, possible harm, and even damage to the ball itself. It’s an investment, and reducing quality can harm your equipment and your game. So, choosing the Lowest expensive drilling can be Harmful.

Tips for Minimizing Costs:

If you’re looking to minimize the cost of drilling a bowling ball, here are some tips to consider:

Research Pro Shops:

To choose a pro shop that fits your budget, compare the costs and services provided by many in the area where you live.

Bundle Services:

 When you buy many services at once, such as drilling, or refinishing, some pro shops may give you a discount.

Consider Used Equipment:

Buying a second-hand bowling ball that has already been drilled can be more economical than buying a new ball and drilling it separately.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Drilling Your Bowling Ball at a Pro Shop:

Experience and reputation:

Choose a driller or pro shop who has an excellent history of doing high-quality work and satisfying customers. Asking for suggestions from other bowlers or reading reviews will assist you in locating a qualified expert.

Customer services:

Select a driller who is willing to offer advice on drilling options that best fit your playing style and who takes the time to learn about your specific needs and preferences.

Know Your Needs:

It’s also important to know what you need before taking your ball to be drilled at a pro shop. Does an additional hole need to be drilled? Does your ball require polish or cleanup? To obtain an accurate price from the pro shop, you will want knowledge of these items.

Get a Warranty:

Find out where you have any guarantees or warranties available for the drilling operations. Credible pro shops should guarantee their work and provide assurances if there are any problems or questions.

Follow instructions:

To guarantee your ball continues for many years after it has been drilled, follow whatever care and maintenance recommendations the pro shop provides you.


By understanding the factors that affect cost and choosing a professional driller who values ​​quality and accuracy, you can design a specialty bowling ball to improve your skills and satisfaction with the game. Drilling a bowling ball can be expensive, depending on a few factors. The modified ball improves your performance on the lane. Remember that the difference between a decent game and a great game can be determined by the perfect drill.

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