How to delete flirt account

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Introduction to

This is a website where you can flirt with random boys or girls from your local area by providing your personal information. flirt is a dating app where you find your match for short- and long-term relationships Simply You can login with your personal information in this website The server of website will collect your data and provide a matching according to it 

Why people use it:

When you meet people in club or bars, it’s tough task to start talking to them because you are not familiar with them and you hesitate to make an offer for dating In this way, the flirt app help people find the right match for you online You can chat with him/her and enjoy romance

Purpose of the Flirt App:

If you are single and looking for an online partner, This app provide comfortable environment and helps you find a chatting or dating partner for you With understanding, you can feel good because romance help to remove your mental stress You can flirt with your online partner by using the flirt app

Privacy issues: 

It is safe for dating and flirting, but not for your personal privacy information because its servers can save your personal information. If use it for other purpose, there is privacy issue for your personal information, but there is no need to worry I inform you to delete your account permanently

How to delete a flirt account:

If you want to delete your flirt account for privacy and other issues, then i would help you delete your account permanently I will guide you step by step Just follow my steps

  • Open flirt website in your pc 
  • Logging in to your flirt account
  • Click on your profile icon at the top right.
  • Then go to my setting 
  • Scroll down to end where you see delete button
  • Enter your personal password and continue
  • Then select why you want to delete your account 
  • Remove my profile contact and all information
  • Yes i am sure to remove my account and continue 
  • Verify your email verification
  • Congratulation your flirt  account was deleted

Why does the website ask you to disable your account?

There is a difference between disabling your account and deleting your account. When you want to delete your account, the flirt website gives you the option to disable your account because they want your personal information. I already informed you that when you create your account, the servers of the website save your personal information. Disabling your account is temporary for you, but your information is available on servers.  Deleting your account was permanently removed

Final words:

Flirt is a good dating platform for finding the right match according to your personal information and you can start dating online and spend quality  time with your partner That makes your day wonderful but there is privacy issue because website fetches your personal information and saves it in servers This may leak your personal information, but it can find a match in local area based on your information If you are not satisfied with this term, then you have the option to delete flirt account 

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