How to keep bathroom floor dry

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Bathroom part of home:

Every home has 2 to 3 bathrooms on each floor, and the bathroom is that part of your house where you go every day for a bath or to get ready for going out. Everyone wants their bathroom to be clean and dry, like their home If you look all hotels and buildings, hire a special person to clean their bathroom If your bathroom was wet, that would have a bad look and smell, so that was so unhygienic 

A dry and mold-free bathroom is important:

The wet floor is the cause of slipping if you do not have anti-slip tiles in your bathroom. If you slip when the floor is not dry, especially kids and elders, that causes serious injury. The wet floor also causes bacteria and germs, which make your bathroom floor dull and pale, damage your tiles and cause rusting on other washroom accessories 

How to keep bathroom floor dry

How to keep the floor dry:

There are many ways to keep your floor dry because the bathroom is an important part of your house, and you want it to be clean and dry to feel good in the washroom. Don’t get embarrassed to have a smelly and stained bathroom in your home. Every person feel headache of cleaning their washroom on daily basis

Exhaust fan and dehumidifier.

If you want a dry bathroom or want to remove moisture and smell from it without any effort, then you need to install an exhaust fan in your bathroom to help you remove the moisture, air, and bad smell from your washroom after taking a bath on your exhaust for 15 to 20 minutes. If you do not have not exhaust fan, then you use dehumidifier

Proper ventilation systems.

If you have proper ventilation system in your home, this will help you control the moisture in the air Low temperature moisture in the air of your home will resolve the issue of high temperature moisture in the washroom

Proper drainage system.

It is very important to have proper drain system in your washroom Make your slide of your tills at one point and install p trap on this point When you take bath, all the water get drained from this drain trap

Use good products.

It is very effective if you use good products for cleaning your bathroom. If you use cheap products, it is not beneficial for cleaning; on the other hand, it may dull your tiles’ shine and cause dark stains on them.

Keep the door and window open.

The sunshine that comes from the window is also helpful for absorbing moisture from the air. Always keep your window open after getting a steam bath. It may be more effective if you add more windows, and if you are not going to go to the bathroom, then open the door of the washroom to make the air temperature equal.

Take a small and cool shower.

If you take long and steam bath, it also causes wet floor and moisture in the air because steam bath make much moisture in air, so get a shower for a short time with cold water

Keep your mats and towels dry.

The towels and mats that you used in washroom, you always want to dry it after use because It make bad smell and disturb your dry floor

Use a thermostat for temperature.

If temperature of your bathroom is  less than your home temperature, then you need to use thermostat to maintain the temperature of your washroom, which will help you remove steam from your bathroom

Anti-slippers or mat tiles.

If you are thinking about constructing a new bathroom, you can use anti slip or mat tiles because it is safe if tiles are wet, so it will prevent you from slip in washroom 

Wipe and mop.

If floor look too wet, you can use wiper to clean the water from floor and move it to drain tap, and after that, use mop on floor for good results


The bathroom is a part of every home, and we use it in our daily routine. We want a clean and dry floor in our bathroom so I will guide you all the way for how to keep bathroom floor dry If you are a person who compromises on unhygienic things, then you must keep the bathroom floor dry and clean It will help you have good vibes and protect you from germs or smells

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