How To Measure For Window Well Covers In Easy Steps

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In modern houses, there is a specific place around the basement windows, called windows wells. These wells are normally in U, rectangle, or circular shapes. They protect from mud, dust, and water by covering the window. These are important safety for basement windows. When we look at it from the top it looks like a well, therefore there is proper drainage to prevent the fill in water. Usually, they are covered, These covers and gates are called window well covers. Before we get the answer to our question, about how to measure for window well covers, we discuss the well gates and covers. 


What is a Window Well Cover?

The window well is normally covered with fiber optic sheet, glass, or plastic are called window well covers. The essential benefit of these covers is to protect the window from dirt, animals, birds, and water. These are designed to provide natural light to the basement windows while protecting them from certain damages and threats. It is a strong safety tool. But there are some sold covers which are made with metal material. Sometimes you need custom covers for different and certain well sizes. There is some required measurements for the gates when we install or put on the covers.

How To Measure For Window Well Covers

When measuring window well covers, we need accurate measurements. The cover should be properly fitted for the basement window well. Proper fitting will ensure the perfect protection for the well. Commonly there are two types of measurements from inside to inside and the other is call-out measurements. Inside to inside is the difference between inner edges, while calling out is the gap from the outer edge to the sides of the window well. Below is the step-by-step guide for how to measure for window well covers. 

Steps to measure the Window Well Gate or Cover

  • As we have discussed in the previous paragraph, there are different types of window well. We will know the shape or type first which will make it clear to determine the window well measurement. 
  • First measure the length of the well horizontally. This will be the width of the well cover.
  • Then you will analyze the projection, and how far is the wall from the exterior wall of your house. 
  • For better assessment measure the height of the well also to select the right material for the window gate.
  • For a U-shaped well, after measuring the well horizontally, measure the depth of the well. You will pick the centre point of the well and get the measurement straight from the wall to the outer edge of the well. 
  • Your cover must be a little bit plus which should be covering around the outer edges.
  • If there are any pipes, handles, or taps you should include their measurements accordingly. 
  • Now write down all the taken measurements to the notepad, which will help you when you will cover. 
  • Double-check the measurements to avoid any problems. 
  • You can also use plastic bubble paper to cover the gate, but you need to change them regularly. 

Be aware that the cover must be clinging to the wall of the house. pre-drilled holes in the wall could be easier and safer cover installation. Normally covers of the basement window have clips to properly attach the well to the wall. 

Final Words About How To Measure For Window Well Covers

The process of measuring the window well cover is not complicated. It involves some practical and easy steps, and you will cover the well in a very short time. You can make a window well according to your choice and design you like. You can select the different kinds of covers made with different types of materials. Covering the well with a perfectly fitted cover not only protects the well but also creates a very aesthetic look for your house. 

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